Fully Financed

Will Haskell, candidate for the Connecticut State Senate in the 26th district, has already reached qualification marks for public financing after announcing his campaign on March 1st. Haskell raised well over the $15,000 threshold, earning donations from residents in each town of the 26th district. Haskell is expected to qualify for a publicly financed grant as part of the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP).

In the nine days since launching his campaign, Haskell has crisscrossed the 26th district to meet with voters and hear their concerns about the problems facing Connecticut. “Given the fast pace of our fundraising efforts, I’m more energized than ever to flip the 26th district. I’m so inspired by each and every one of the voters I met. From 203Action in New Canaan to the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee Chili Fest to the Staples High School Young Democrats, I’ve heard again and again that voters are eager to see a change in Hartford. This district isn’t satisfied with it’s representation, and it’s ready to send a new voice to the State Senate this Fall.”

Haskell received donations from more than 450 individual donors, more than 300 of whom are residents of the 26th district, with an average donation of approximately $50. “Perhaps even more exciting than the amount of money we’ve raised is the fact that 106 college and high school students have contributed to my campaign. As a student myself, I can tell you that we don’t have much money to spare. I’m so honored that so many have chosen to spend $5 or $10 on my campaign,” Haskell said.

Haskell is grateful for the Citizens’ Election Program and pledged to protect clean elections if elected to the State Senate. “I always feel lucky to live in Connecticut, but never more so than today,” he said. “First, I’m thrilled that I won’t have to ask people for money anymore. From now on, I’ll be asking for votes. That’s how democracy ought to function everywhere. More importantly,  I couldn’t afford to run for office in most states. But in Connecticut, a 21-year-old candidate can be on equal footing with a 22-year Hartford insider. I’m so grateful for the Citizens’ Election Program, and I will fight to protect this great program from reckless Republican cuts.”

Astrid Parenty