Haskell Responds to Boucher Vote Against McDonald

New Canaan, CT – State Senate candidate Will Haskell criticized incumbent Toni Boucher for voting against the confirmation of Judge Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

“This sort of partisan obstructionism is exactly what’s wrong with politics today. Sen. Boucher and her fellow Republicans are once again putting party before the people of Connecticut,” Haskell said in a tweet Tuesday.

McDonald, a highly qualified and well respected judge, supports strict gun regulations and would have been the first openly gay chief justice in United States history.

Sen. Boucher joined 17 other Republican senators and one Democrat on Tuesday in opposing Judge McDonald’s confirmation. After hearing an incredible 12 hours of testimony from Justice McDonald, Boucher and her colleagues decided to prevent his confirmation in the hopes that a Republican governor will be elected in 2018.

Importantly, Boucher had previously voted in favor of Judge McDonald in 2013. Unfortunately, Republicans in the legislature have decided to play partisan games with the judicial branch, and Sen. Boucher has toed the party line.

“I’m disappointed that Sen. Boucher would follow in the footsteps of Senator Mitch McConnell,” Haskell said, citing Sen. McConnell’s deliberate interference in the nomination of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. “Our community deserves a representative who will put our interests before party loyalty.”

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